Improve your website’s fortunes with an SEO package from Ascend SEO

Though search engine optimisation – more commonly referred to as SEO – can be excellent for helping to get your website noticed more often by the kinds of people most likely to be interested in visiting it, great knowledge and experience of SEO is necessary for delivering it to a high standard. For this reason, your website could benefit hugely from the SEO packages available from Ascend SEO.

Choose the right package for you

You could, for example, opt for their most basic predetermined SEO package, the Bronze package, which costs just £250 per month and, for each month, uses a total of 8 keywords, including 2 primary and 6 secondary keywords. Alternatively, you could opt for either their Silver and Gold packages, which, unsurprisingly, cost more money per month and use more keywords than the Bronze package., their most advanced predetermined SEO package is the Titanium package, which costs £2500 per month and uses 240 keywords, including 60 primary and 180 secondary keywords.

However, you might want a more advanced SEO package than even their Titanium package – in which case, you can contact Ascend SEO for a custom quotation. They love providing bespoke SEO packages!

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